Why Choose Innunco?

OSSD Credit Courses

Innunco is an online and on-campus school that provides OSSD Credit courses that are approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Their learning experience provides multiple features that make the experience of learning more interesting and worthwhile. This includes features like their great course structure, enriched learning test materials, and many more shown down below.

Student Support


Education Benefit

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive education benefits, paving the way to a brighter future through knowledge and growth.

All of the courses provided at Innunco (BSID# 886338) are approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Therefore, students are able to receive credits after a successful completion of the course. An Ontario Licensed Teacher will guide your learning and grade your assignments to ensure that students will receive the best education experience possible.

Many of Innunco's courses allow students to connect the dots with the knowledge they learned to real life situations. Innunco does this by designing course learning objectives to interrelate with education learning goals and the related skills required in the world. For many of courses, we focus on 5 different elements to enrich the students learning experience. These include evaluations, construction of content, defending your opinion on a problem with course knowledge, analyzing a situation with learned content, and applying course content to real life situations. Based on the course content, tests will be made to analyze the elements of the course that students have remembered in their daily life.

A clear course structure is the deciding factor that separates students from being successful and unsuccessful. At Innunco, we make sure our course structure is clear in order to create the best learning opportunity for our students. The course structure makes sure to be sequential and consistent with the current education trends. The sequence of our course structure makes sure each subject leads into the other and ends with the career benefits/opportunities for students after they finish the course.

Innunco uses various interactive elements to help students have a better learning experience. Students will be able to retain information more effectively as well as have a better opportunity to connect with content. These interactive elements also cater to various different learning styles which influence a more personalized learning style.

Within the online platform, Innunco provides the opportunity for our students to set their own schedule based on their work and hobbies. With a flexible schedule, our students are able to choose learning environment that best suits their needs and learning styles.